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I didn’t think I could afford to invest in commercial real estate. Then Jake showed me the different options, explained all the numbers, and we found a commercial property in my budget. Thanks a million Jake!

Stacey Carr

Licensed Realtor, LAR Realty

Become A Commercial Investor NOW!

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Invest like the 1% invest. With commercial real estate, you will:


  1. Earn Passive Income
  2. See Massive Appreciation
  3. Receive Tax Benefits Like No Other

I didn’t think investing in commercial real estate in Los Angeles was possible with my budget. Then I met Jake. My business and my life changed ever since. Thanks Jake for everything!

Floyd McMillan

Owner, Golden Property Solutions

Still Not Sure?

Earn Passive Income

Receive deposits straight to your bank account each quarter. This means that it is recurring income that requires relatively little effort to maintain. 

Equity Appreciation

As you build equity in your business real estate, it becomes a more valuable asset that you can leverage to further grow your business without putting your prac­tice itself at risk.

Insane Tax Benefits

Owning your practice allows you to de­preciate your asset while writing off all of the mortgage interest paid during the year. You can also benefit from IRS Code Section 179, cost segregation and 1031 exchanges. 


Historically Low Prices

While no investment is risk free, when you do not hold onto properties, use financing, and ensure that you are in and out of property deals within days, the risk is relatively lower yet the upside potential is incredibly massive.

Favorable Refinance Rates

Today, rates for commercial real es­tate purchases continue to be at an all-time low, ultimately saving significant funds as you pay down your commercial mortgage.

No Repair Work Needed

Wholesalers do not incur the cost of repairing properties because they sell houses that need repair to investors that take the risks and costs of rehabilitating properties and resell them at higher prices.

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Become A Commercial Investor NOW!


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