5 Ideas For Passive Income In 2022

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A little extra cash never hurt anybody. Especially if it comes without devoting the same time and energy your daytime job needs, so tweak a couple of things, maintain your side business, and you will have a steady flow of monthly passive income. We have 5 ideas for passive income in 2022 to get you started. 

5 Ideas For Passive Income 

1. Invest In Real Estate

While stocks and crypto are always being raved about, for a beginner, it might be better to start with real estate. It doesn’t require the same amount of inside knowledge as the stock market. 

It’s a matter of buying a home, refurbishing it, and selling it at a higher price than what you brought. You could also take on the role of a realtor, where you trade in homes belonging to others and act as the middleman. This requires minimum investing on your part. As long as you can find the right buyer at the right time, you’re good. 

You might have to show buyers the homes occasionally, but there’s no need to invest your time beyond. 

2. Sell Courses Online

So, you have gained some success in the real estate industry. One might call you an established figure. Enough to part with some of your experience to people looking to get into the industry. 

Of course, not only real estate but you can create courses on any subject you have information on that could be helpful to others. You can do live online classes, but you can create a short course with planned chapters and videos if you don’t have time. Then, host it on your own website or one of the online learning websites. 

Your students can enroll in the course, get value from your teachings, and you will have the payment coming regularly. 

3. Sell Low Content Books

Low content books are essentially notebooks with various cover designs and sometimes margined pages. They are often created in themes such as gratitude journals or music composition books. It appeals to a niche of people who like putting pen and paper to good use. 

How does it qualify as one of the ideas for passive income in 2022? Well, you can design the notebooks digitally, sign up for Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program and begin selling. You don’t have to set up a publishing warehouse or anything. Amazon takes care of it for you. 

If you market your notebook a little and the design appeals to people, you can sell as many as you like. 

4. Sell Stock Photos

Yeah, this one’s going to take some effort on your part. If you already have a real estate business set up, you should be committing to some good photography anyway. A home with high-quality images has a higher chance of selling. 

So, take some regular pictures in between, and you can sell them on one of the stock photo websites. 

5. Flipping Domains

Have you ever paid thousands for a domain because you want the name and it belongs to someone else? Well, you can be on the other side. It’s a matter of finding the domain names that are in high demand, buying them, and then selling them higher after increasing the domain authority. 

You can’t buy just any domain. Do deep research because there are plenty that won’t get sold, and it could result in a loss for you. 

Final Thoughts

Investing in real estate and then selling online courses from your experience allows you to combine two passive income ideas. The ones such as selling low content books also require minimal investment. So, check out the 5 ideas for passive income in 2022 and see the one suits you best. 

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